I’m back!

I’m done with my most recent round of boards, so now I can be creative again. (Don’t ask. I won’t know until May if I passed. It’s a long story…)

Since I have a ton of work piled up from when I had studying blinders on, I can’t do all the projects I want right now, but I’m planning them for some slow weekend very soon. My next project will be copying a ready-to-wear dress that I bought this past weekend. I have a ream of tissue paper and some extra broadcloth all ready for the task.

In the meantime, an observation.
Now that I have embraced my curls, looking at photos of me in the past where I tried to wear my hair natural/wavy/curly is painful. I have a slideshow app on my desktop that shows me photos of my husband and I while we were dating and a photo that I used to love flashed across the little box. Three thoughts occurred to me.

  2. Look at that handsome young man! Oh, yes. That would be my hubby =)
  3. Is this what middle-aged people think about their hair when they see photos of themselves from the 80’s now?



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