Sauce master

So, everyone in our little family of three (two humans and one dog) has “specialties”. For example, Bentley’s are “seat stealing” and “being in the way”. Two of mine are “good ideas” and “sauces”.

I’ve been taking a sewing hiatus until I get the shelves and storage things up above my sewing tables (pictures soon!) so I’ve been creatively cooking recently. Mostly because I’ve put myself on an elimination diet to try to calm my crazy GI system (it has helped somewhat, I think). But also just because I like to cook. So, I decided to go back to something I used to enjoy, but haven’t tried in a while: white wine sauces. Enter 187 mL bottles of white wine and I’m a happy cooking camper. I started experimenting with moscato (I know, kind of sweet for a sauce, but roll with me) a white roux, cream, and the drippings from whatever protein I had made. It worked well. The hubby liked it. Then I decided to add fresh basil and lemon. Even better. Then I switched to sauvignon blanc. Perfection. So I served it to some old friends yesterday for lunch. They’ve never said anything bad about my cooking, in fact, I’ve never heard them say anything bad about anything, but they did both practically lick the plates clean. So I’ll take that as a success. I’m writing it down here as much for myself as anyone else. Feel free to try it out.

Melt 1T butter and add 1 T flour over low heat, simmer a few minutes to make a white roux before adding cream and simmer a bit more, all while cooking protein in another pan. After removing protein from second pan, deglaze with white wine and simmer for a couple of minutes. Add roux/cream mixture to the simmering wine. Season and simmer until the desired consistency is reached. Add back in your protein and simmer, or spoon over protein on serving plates.



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