Casual Tropical Dress… and other recent projects

I have some sort of soft, flowy fabric that wears like a dream. (UPDATE: it’s rayon! who knew!) But working with it is like herding cats; it completely has a mind of its own. Nonetheless, cats were herded and I managed to make a pull-on maxi dress with an elastic waist out of a non-stretch woven fabric. It’s comfy and fun. I used a rolled hem to finish all the edges and (surprise!) the hem… which is good practice for my bridesmaid dress for my SIL’s wedding, which will likely need a rolled hem. It would be annoying to have to pay someone to hem a dress for me, so I decided to get some practice in now before it arrives!

Below are photos of today’s dress and another that I made recently after several weekends of drafting. Enjoy!

(on a related note, I think my bobbin tension might need to be adjusted, but I’m afraid to touch it because the last time I adjusted the bobbin tension it took months to get it back to normal again!)


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